into the life you want

Leila Fujinaka

Peak Performance Coach / Leadership Consultant

Develop Clarity

&  Direction

Build Momentum For The Life You Want

Work and Live at Your Highest Capacity & Fulfillment

Watch now and see how leadership coaching helped Darryl improve his life!

You Are Meant

For More

Are you ...

  • Caught in the trap of internal and limited thinking? ​

  • Frustrated that you’re not moving forward in your career and life?​

  • Missing opportunities by not living at your highest potential?

It doesn't have to be that way.

Become the Champion of Your Life! 

Master self-leadership skills to live and work

at your highest capacity.

  • Know where you’re going with your life and have a clear plan to get there.

  • ​Live with confidence and self-assurance

  • Be energized with focus and momentum, making daily decisions to direct your life.

  • ​​Break through limitations and achieve more than you imagined

You Deserve The

Opportunity To Grow

I understand what it’s like to be stuck in the desire to grow, to accomplish more, and to win in life and in work.  In my frustration, I sought the guidance of leadership coaches who helped me learn to create the life I desired. I developed clarity, self-awareness, and communication skills to excel as a leader.​

That’s why I created Leading With Mastery—to make mentorship accessible to those yearning for growth.

I serve as a leadership coach guiding people to become self-champions so they can live and work at their highest capacity.

Leila Fujinaka | Founder

Professional Leadership Coach

Here’s what participants are saying about

Leila’s leadership coaching:

Robin Ventura,

Business Owner

Leila’s leadership coaching rocked my world in a big way. I’ve always held back from what I’m capable of.  I struggled with imposter syndrome while making challenging high-stakes decisions.  I was always anxious and questioned my decision-making. But now I am a new and improved version of myself. This stuff is life changing.”

Brandi Nakamoto,

Social Services Director

Definitely worth the time and money investment!

The application every week is manageable, and the fruit of Leila’s mastermind and coaching is in every area of my life.”

Francis Oda,

G70 Chairman

Most people don’t get the kind of leadership training Leila offers, especially those with great potential or newly entering the workforce.

The quality of training Leila does will shift people to become much better leaders in a much shorter time frame.”

Three simple steps:


A personal growth strategy.

We’ll work together to help you gain clarity, define

direction, and build momentum for the life you want.

Self-leadership skills.

Engage your strengths and manage your productivity to achieve your goals.


Living at your highest capacity!

Enjoy the satisfaction of your new-found clarity and direction in life.

 “Growth today is an investment for tomorrow.”