I’m Leila Fujinaka, Certified Leadership Coach specializing in personal and professional development for individuals and teams.  I serve as a professional mentor guiding people to live and work at their highest capacity.​

Everyone deserves the opportunity to grow to their full potential. Yet most people won’t do it on their own.  With professional training, group masterminds, individual coaching, and a supportive community, my clients gain clarity, define their direction, and build momentum toward the life they want.

Make a critical mindset shift: you are a leader

It’s common for my clients to experience a paradigm shift and realize they are leaders – influencing and impacting others.  The truth is that everyone is a leader.  When people become intentional about how they affect others, they begin to realize their significance.  They start living with purpose and begin to flourish. I developed and mentored statewide teams to fulfill non-profit missions, and as a current Executive Director of Impact.Change.Hawaii, I enjoy guiding people with leadership training and coaching. These days you’ll find me recording videos to share value with my community, walking my favorite beach at sunrise, and participating in leadership programs led by my mentors Francis Oda, John Maxwell, Paul Martinelli, among others.

Make a critical mindset shift: you are a leader

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My Story

I grew up as a child at risk.  I was in a new school EVERY YEAR.  Because of the upheaval in my life, my brain hadn’t properly developed.  While I yearned for opportunities in school, it was difficult for me to learn. I was often called “stupid” by my brothers and by other kids, too.  I didn’t understand my schoolwork so I would hand it in unfinished.  

​I began to believe the ridicule, that I was stupid and unable to learn.  I struggled with deep insecurity and low self-value.  Despite my desire to learn, I felt that no one cared what happened to me, that no one was available to help me. ​

Despite being at risk, I finished high school and graduated from college.  I developed leadership opportunities where I discovered my power influence–but it was a struggle.  I lacked the self-awareness and communication skills needed for success. Many painful experiences led me to seek mentoring.​

I discovered my “home” for personal and professional growth in the John Maxwell Leadership Coaching certification program.  For the first time in my life, I was surrounded by people who saw the leadership potential in me and cared to nurture and develop it.  A deep desire grew within me to share what I was learning with others.​

That’s why I created Leading With Mastery professional coaching—to make mentorship accessible to those yearning for growth. I serve as a leadership coach guiding people to become self-champions so they can take initiative to live and work at their highest capacity.​

Today I offer private coaching and small group masterminds that help people develop six self-leadership masteries: 

- Self-Awareness

- Clarity

- Intentionality

- Dynamic Reach

- Communication

- Influence

Everyone deserves guidance and nurturing to achieve the potential for the life they want. When people have a mentor supporting their possibilities and growth, they can become a self-champion and fulfill their potential – just as I have.