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L E A D E R S H I P   I M P A C T   2 0 2 1



Learn to play big in your leadership when you feel you’ve been playing small

A 16-week Transformative Leadership Mastermind

May 26 to September 8


Leila Fujinaka, Certified Maxwell Leadership Coach

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Everyone Loses When Good Leaders Play Small

It doesn’t have to be that way… 

At Leadership Impact 2021, you will…

  • ...gain fresh perspectives to make a greater impact in your organization, in your business, and in your life.

  •  ​...level-up your leadership skills to achieve impressive bottom line results

  • ​...break free from your leadership limitations to be the powerhouse leader you’re meant to be



They’re on their own to figure out how to communicate with, inspire, and motivate those they work with and lead.  They feel stuck playing small because they don’t have the time, or plan, to focus on leveling up their leadership, and they know they're meant for more .



I created Leadership Impact 2021 to give leaders like you the opportunity for growth through a high-level, concentrated program to help them become powerhouse leaders with influence and impact. 

Make 11 critical perspective shifts for leadership mastery and impact through the study of John Maxwell’s inspiring book, LEADERSHIFT

Be ready to meet tomorrow’s challenges; make the shift from “me” to “we"; act before others; do more than others; challenge your team; gather ideas and value multiple viewpoints; provide your team with both the “what” and the “why”; become an expert connector; and much, much more.

Gain personal insights about your personality, and those you interact with.  Learn to communicate effectively with others with exclusive training in the Maxwell DISC Method

Promote clarity in communication and synergy among your entire team

Learn to guide the best interactions between various personality types

Level-up your communication to be clear and effective


Leadership Impact 2021 includes...


16 weekly mastermind small group training sessions, 1 hour 15 mins each

3 Private 1-hour leadership coaching sessions

John Maxwell video training from his library

Comprehensive Maxwell DISC Method assessment report and...​

1-hour DISC assessment coaching session​

Personal application and accountability


Most people in the workplace don’t get the kind of leadership training Leila offers, especially those with great potential, newly entering the workforce. 

The quality of training Leila 

provides will shift people 

to become much better leaders

 in a much shorter time frame.” 



Francis Oda,

Chairman, Group70


Leila’s leadership coaching rocked my world in a big way. I’ve been a business owner my whole adult life and I’ve always held back from what I’m capable of. I struggled with imposter syndrome while making challenging decisions. I was anxious and questioned my decision-making. But now, I am a new and improved version of myself-- Leila's stuff is life changing.”


Robin Ventura, Partner 

Kirchmeyer Development Corp.


Definitely worth the time and money investment! 

The application every week is manageable, and the fruit of 

Leila’s mastermind and 

coaching is in every 

area of my life.” 




Brandi Nakamoto,

 Social Services Director


Worked with clients from these companies:



YOUR PRICE: Four monthly payments of $375/mo. 


Registration deadline is Wednesday, May 19.

🗸 Leadershift book by John Maxwell

🗸 Leadershift training digital workbook

🗸 Weekly video training from John Maxwell library

​🗸 Weekly personal application and accountability

🗸 3 Private 1-hour leadership coaching sessions/3 hours total

​🗸 Comprehensive Maxwell DISC Method assessment and training







  • 1-hour Professional DISC assessment coaching session

  • Personalized Maxwell DISC report

  • Leadership action plan

​🗸 16 weekly mastermind small group training sessions   

  • 1 hour 15 mins each/20 hours total


​🗸 BONUS: Week 16 Mastermind Finale  

  • Celebration gathering

  • Special guest speaker

  • Presentation of certificates of completion


TOTAL MASTERMIND VALUE:                    

LEADERSHIP IMPACT 2021 includes…

Leading With Mastery Unconditional Guarantee

Not only is the Leadership Impact 2021 Mastermind guaranteed unconditionally for 30 days,

but if it doesn’t help you grow as a leader, if it doesn’t help you step into your power and become a powerhouse leader, if it doesn’t increase your leadership confidence and influence, I don’t want your money.

I’ll give it all back.  No questions asked. No hard feelings.

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